in love with otters



SIZE: 15 in. x 22 in. - 38 x 56 cm (half sheet)
COLORS: DANIEL SMITH extra fine watercolors


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We've a really beautiful Otter Center nearby.  The Hankensbüttel Otter Centre is a nature experience centre in Hankensbüttel, in the German district of Gifhorn, that is laid out in 6 hectares (15 acres) of open land by a lake known as the Isenhagener See. The Otter Centre showcases the European otter which is a species threatened by extinction, as well as several related species of marten, in a natural environment. The centre is run by the Aktion Fischotterschutz ("Otter Conservation Project"), a state-recognised nature conservation organisation, and is a popular tourist and visitor destination on the southern edge of the Lüneburg Heath. The otters are kept in large, enclosures with a nearly natural habitat of streams and ponds. In addition there are various species of marten, nearest cousins of the otter, in the enclosures. The presentation of several species in this way is unique.

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For me it's a fantastic opportunity to observe and photograph otters, badgers, stoats, polecats, beech martens and pine martens (the only pine marten enclosure in Europe). 

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