Winterbaum - monochrome



SIZE: 56 x 42 cm 


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Thank you dear Marius Morar, for your wonderful stimulation!


Kommentare :

  1. ithink it is my favorite of all your works so far .
    everything is so beautiful and tender .
    the shadows , the contrasts .....
    again , i loved .

  2. Oh my God, Caio! You like it? Really?
    That makes me so happy, absolutely!
    Thank you, thank you and a huge kiss!

  3. Anonym15/2/10

    der Baum in seiner ganzen Pracht: seine Herrlichkeit und Schönheit, sein Stolz und seine Kraft, und seine Zerbrechlichkeit, wie die Zerbrechlichkeit des Menschen.. der Himmel, so geheimnisvoll tief, ist wunderschön!
    Denk Dir ein schönes Wort, liebe Isabella, ich schenke es Dir!

  4. lach*** liebe Renée, ja das kann ich meist auch besser, als es im Deutschen ausdrücken, ich weiß genau, was Du meinst und freue mich einfach ungemein über Deine Worte. Solche Geschenke sind ir die teuersten von allen.

    Danke!!! - Isabella

  5. Anonym17/2/10

    not only photographer, you are also a great painter. well done again.

    and thank you for your visit and kind comment

  6. Anonym17/2/10

    No, I thank YOU, dear friend. If I had at least a tenth of your painting talent, I would paint myself. But, being an untalented, all I know is to record using cameras.

    I like your interpretation: fragile, yet powerful. Thanks again.

  7. Dear Vaggelis, your praise makes me proud and happy, thank you from my heart.

  8. Oh, dear Marius, I am very, very happy that you like it. A talent is a gift, but one can only be grateful, but imagine that there is no evidence. And I'm grateful for everything that life gives me -
    I am so happy about your photos and exchange between us, he enriched my life. You're a great photographer.

    my best wishes for you,


  9. Superb paintings are great, the tree is beautiful, congratulations. I would like to know how to paint, but unfortunately I do not understand at all. I try to express myself through photography. Congratulations, are works of great artist.

  10. Thanks Lucian for your visit here and your kind words. You are a true artist with the camera - I am glad to have found your blog. See you soon!

  11. Good picture!!! Original blog!! Congratulations!!


  12. Thank you dear Frank, for your kind words and especially for your visit. I am thrilled by your photographic work and hope that we will continue to read us.

    un grande abrazo


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